Central London Studio



There are many headshots photographers around, with talent and skill. There are very few photographers, however, who provide artists with an actual choice of style when it comes to headshots or portraits.

Generally, an artist can have either indoor or outdoor shots done, with one or two change of clothes and sometimes different expressions, but with no real variety with regards to style.

Style does define the overall look of a photo, and creates a general feeling that compliments expression.  When given a choice, artists can decide which character they would like to convey and how they want to be perceived. 

This is why I created GREG [b] FOTO. Four different styles to choose from allow artists and their agents to decide on a mood and style combination. You can choose to go for one style only, or all of them in the same session, but you will leave with choice and variety of uses. 

The three styles share one key feature: realism. Retouching is done following high-end, subtle techniques with the aim of printing your photographs.

This is also for that reason that I only use high-end lighting, camera equipment and retouching techniques to provide you with the best result when printed.



The four styles are designed to emulate variety and choice. They were created to give artists freedom in the way they want to be portrayed:

  • "Blanc de Blanc": a realistic white feel that makes any distracting surrounding disappear and only shows you and your unique features
  • "Plein Jour": an outdoor look that can be done inside or outside, combining daylight and artificial light, with a natural-looking feel 
  • "Film Noir": real black and white portraits done exclusively with pure black-and-white digital or film cameras; the result is quite unique with a distinctive look that creates a moody feeling. This style tends more towards portraiture rather than pure headshots
  • "Edito": Pure editorial portraiture. This style is absolutely free: full and half-length, movement, color or black-and-white, choice of background, you decide. The results are by nature very specific and the style is 100% portraiture rather than simple headshots . It can be done in the studio or on location


My shoot with Greg has to be my preferred one so far. Over the years I have been photographed in many ways but never have I felt so free. For the first time I was given a choice and could participate in the creation of my portraits. An amazing experience.
— Megan Prescott
My photoshoot with Greg was very unique. Throughout the whole session, I felt relaxed and was invited to participate and offer my opinion. As such, the process was extremely “collaborative” and I felt I was in control of my shots. Greg’s high-end retouching meant the quality of the photos was amazing. I can’t recommend him enough
— Rich Watkins
There is something different with Greg. I went for a “Blanc de Blanc” look to complement my existing portfiolio. The shoot was very easy and relaxed, with a fantastic end result. I could not recommend him more
— Zoe Littleton
I loved working with Greg. I have never been relaxed in front of a camera, but I felt I could choose from different looks and that we had time to take it to the next level. Once printed the photos had nothing to do with the typical over-retouched ones I would have gotten elsewhere. That is my best shoot so far”
— Sophie L.



Based in the City, Central London, the studio space is large and bright.

Thanks to light coming into the large windows, available light shoots are possible indoors. There is also outside space in case light is not sufficient inside.

I use the best lighting and camera tools to get to high-quality results.  My equipment is typically used in high-fashion shoots and some would argue this is a bit overkill for headshots. This might be true but my aim is simply to achieve high-end, beautiful yet realistic results.

More importantly, I have made sure that equipment does not get in the way of a relaxed experience. Everything is quick and easy to set-up and we can focus on the the most important bit, which is your portrait.



My name is Gregoire. Quite tough to pronounce in English. For those who know phonetics, this is pronounced ɡʁəɡwaʁ.

But for all those who, like me, do not read phonetics, I am just Greg B.

I am a French photographer passionate about people photography.

I started with street and travel photography and later came to studio work as I felt I could control light more creatively.

Actors portraiture came as a natural way to catch light in the eyes of expressive and creative people. 

I love meeting new people every day and trying to get a glimpse of their personality in a picture is such a privilege.